Thursday, April 7, 2016

In Memoriam - Dan Poynter

Last November 3, 2015, the writing/publishing world lost guru and visionary Dan Poynter from cancer at age 77. As the author of some 130 books, including The Self-Publishing Manual, now in its 16th edition, and the sequel, The Self-Publishing Manual, Volume 2, Dan was the go-to person for authors who wanted to produce a quality book without navigating the time-consuming process of traditional publishing. Both books are considered “bibles” for independent writers and those running small presses.

Through the workshops at his home and the countless seminars he conducted, Dan did a superb job of educating writers on the realities of the publishing industry and keeping them up-to-date with its constantly changing trends. His high energy and affable personality motivated his many followers.

A founding member of the Independent Book Publishers’ Association (IBPA) (formerly the Publishers’ Marketing Association (PMA)) and of the IBPA chapter, the Publishers’ Association of Los Angeles (PALA), Dan was a frequent speaker at publishing events all over the country.

Many of us are lucky enough to have known Dan personally and to have attended one of his terrific weekend workshops at his Santa Barbara home.

His loss was a heavy blow to all of us and others who relied on his work, knowledge, and wisdom. Coming to terms with it has not been easy. Now the shock has begun to wear off and the reality is only just beginning to sink in.

His Publishing Poynters newsletter no longer arrives in our email inboxes. There will be no more updates to his books. His shoes will be very hard to fill and he will be forever missed.