Saturday, August 19, 2017

Book Review: The Wrong Child

What do you do when you take your eleven-year-old to the doctor only to discover that she is not your biological child?

This is the dilemma facing Abbie Bernard, and she wrestles with the idea of contacting the other family. Once she decides that she has to know her birth daughter, Abbie’s fate is sealed.

USA Today best-selling author and writing teacher Patricia Kay explores the complexity of family dynamics and the stress that results when such a tragic discovery is made.

While the plot kept me turning the pages, a major flaw exists at the end: There is no character arc on the part of the person who had the most problems dealing with this situation. The character changes from being completely oppositional to totally accepting without explanation. Because it seemed that an entire chunk of chapters was missing, this spoiled what is otherwise an engrossing plot.